Bonus Material

NikkiMade believes that every second is of infinite value - this round is on us.

  • Printable PDF Patterns

    When it comes to bag making the #1 question we get is "will the pattern be available?". The answer is YES!!! A great design starts with a good pattern. Not only can you use the course patterns for the class and tweak it to your liking for future projects - but we've made it compatible for home printing! Save that gas for another venture.

  • The D-G-S

    Not sure what D-G-S stands for? NikkiMade refers to this as The "Details", The "Goods" and Where to "Source". If you're new to leather work or handbag design, our bet is that you need assistance on where to start! The DGS list has all the resources you need to source for your project and create with ease.

  • Bonus material

    "Knowledge is priceless." The information you learn in each course will give you the keys to start a new hobby or take it to another level. Past students have started selling their goods, created businesses and even use the skillsets they've acquired as therapy. Whatever the goal, you have one-on-one help to guide you.